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D1 Champions Since 2000
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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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D1 Total Team Points over last 9 and 3 years
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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Guidance for Creating a Line Up across your club
We have already received a couple of complaints this year that we needed to rule on where, by rating numbers alone, pairings were out of order either within a team, or across teams within a club. We have also received many comments regarding opposing lineups that did not result in formal complaints. As such, we wanted to send out some additional guidance to help everyone in this brave new ratings world. 1.Simply stated-- Stacking is never permitted (this includes across teams within a club and not just within a team) 2.The ratings were developed to help captains and club reps create line ups that are not considered stacking but we realize that the ratings are not perfect. 3.If you use the ratings for all of your courts each week, you most likely will be able to defend any stacking complaint lodged against your club. 4.You can use up to a 5 point differential when you think the teams are close enough and you are not stacking. 5.If you need to go over a 5 point differential in divisions 1-4, then you should check with the opposing captain and explain why your line up is not in the rating order 6.The same would apply for divisions 5-9, but feel free to use up to an 8.5 rating differential as it seems the gaps are currently bigger in the divisions 5-9. 7.If you fail to follow points 5 or 6 and your club is accused of stacking, then the club rep should be prepared to defend your club if a stacking complaint is raised 8.If you feel that you need to go over a 5 or 8.5 point guidance across divisions (from line 4 on higher division to line 1 on the next division), then you should reach out to the committee and explain why your line up is not in rating order across teams, as individual team captains from different clubs won’t be in position to okay something across another club’s teams. To be clear, the 5 and 8.5 point guidelines are to allow for the ratings not being perfect, NOT to allow you to stack and feel like you have immunity based on ratings you know are incorrect. Complaints can still be lodged and considered by the committee. For those that are unaware, the D1 captains have agreed to follow the ratings for their 4 courts every week regardless of their thoughts of who is a better team that evening. They can arrange some small changes when the timing of one team being available for an early match or something like that is mutually agreed upon. Finally, if you have people on your team who are considerably under or overrated, PLEASE contact Derek Yost or Keith Studnick with what you would expect them to be rated. It may or may not be possible to “correct” them, but the fewer matches they have played, the easier this becomes. It is important that we get the ratings as correct as possible early on for two key reasons: first, it allows you to put your team in order you think is correct and rating order simultaneously, which ensures you don’t stack, even accidentally, and second, players with ratings that are considerably under or overrated impact whether the rating system considers them and underdog or favorite going into each match. When underdogs win, ratings change much more than when favorites win, so incorrect ratings impact the ratings of everyone in a match, including the opponents. Thank you for considering the above information and everything you do for your clubs. Please let us know if you have any questions.
How does your club's #1 team Line Up
This week we took a look at how the #1 team for each club lined up against the others and also threw in the other #2 teams that played in D2. Unfortunately, there were no surprises as the #1 teams that are not playing in D2 still fall slightly short of the lower rated teams in D2 but very close. For a look at the rankings as well as the court ratings for each line in D1 and D2 click below.
Team Points Weeks
Picket Post 1 12 5/11
Merion 1 11 5/11
Wallingford 1 11 5/11
Waynesborough 1 10 5/11
Philadelphia Cricket 1 8 5/11
Martins Dam 1 7 5/11
Philadelphia Country 1 6 5/11
Conestoga 1 6 5/11
Concord 1 5 5/11
Radley Run 1 3 5/11
Wilmington 1 1 5/11
Huntingdon Valley 1 0 5/11

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