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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Congrats to the D1 - 10 Win Wonders
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Dec 10 Prognosticator: D2 Deerfield vs. Martins in an early survivor match, Prognosticator goes to 2-0!
All six Undefeateds stayed perfect last week (yawn). Big matches on the horizon though. Last week’s prediction: “A” rating for the Prognosticator in the D5 war of Manufacturer’s 2 vs. Philly Cricket 5. Prediction: Manny's wins 3 of 4 courts and 9 of 12 sets. Result: Manny’s won 3 of 4 courts and 9 of 12 sets. The Prog is getting good at this. Match of the week: D2 Deerfield 1 (10th place, 6 points) vs. Martin’s Dam 2 (9th place, 8 points). Both are 3-4. Loser of this match will find themselves firmly in the bottom three, and ripe for relegation to D3 at the end of the year. Each squad faces three tough matches to finish before the split. It’s going to be a battle, because the teams are pretty evenly split: History: Deerfield the last three years: D3 (3rd place), D2 (10th), D2 (8th). Martins: D2 (6th), D2 (5th), D1 (10th) Last time faced: Martins won 3 courts to 1 two years ago. Intangibles: This is the first of four straight away matches Deerfield faces to end the regular season. Deerfield has fared well on Court 1, and Martin’s has yet to win a match on Court 1, despite tough battling by Tom Hermanns and Jamie Stein. But the Prog thinks that might be the only court Deerfield wins this week. Martins has a strong edge on Courts 2 and 4 (Deerfield is 0-7 on Court 4 this year and has won just 3 of 21 sets). Court 3 should be pretty evenly matched. In the end, the Prog predicts Martins wins three of four courts and gets 3 points. The benefit of occasionally getting a few D1 players pushed down each week (a fringe benefit which Deerfield, being their top team, lacks), makes a difference. Updated Double Dare Jump Eligibility: (6 teams alive), including confidence that they’ll stay undefeated: • D5: Manufacturers 2 (7-0, 27-1 in sets) vs. Overbrook 3 (6-1). 80% • D6: Merion 3 (7-0, 26-2) vs. Greenville 3 (4-3). 75% • D7: Picket Post 5 (7-0, 24-4) vs. Waynesboro 5 (5-1) 70% • D8: Picket Post 6 (7-0, 25-3) vs. Conestoga 4 (5-2). 75% • D9: Lehigh 2 (7-0, 26-2) vs. Philly Cricket 8 (1-5). 115% • D9: Manufacturers 5 (7-0, 22-6) vs. White Manor 1 (5-2).
There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Wally!!!
In the battle of the two undefeated teams in D1, Wallingford took out their brooms and swept Picket Post only yielding 2 sets for the evening. On Court 1, the still undefeated Monkey Lamps put Captain Mike in his socket and only lost 5 games on the evening against former super sub Rodney and Soule setting the tone for the evening that Wally would not be denied their chance at running the table this season. On court 2, Furman showed up with the Killer Unicorn and gave Ferry/Yen their 5th consecutive Sherlock Stat loss. Loomy and Dusty made remain undefeated in D1 as they defeated Detiger an Parson. Whit and Brennan took the third set in a tough battle to complete the sweep over Miles and Bissell. When Captain Rodney was asked about his team’s performance, he replied “Look, we already defeated Waynesborough earlier in the year as well as Philly Cricket. Maybe we were looking past this match to next weeks match against the super tough Merion. We have some work to do this week to get ready for that match and achieve our original goal and stay in the Top 6.” Captain Mike was asked about his chances of remaining undefeated for the first 11 weeks of the season, “I don’t see why not. We just routed the only other undefeated team. The only team that remotely matches up against us is Waynesborough and Picket Post defeated them fairly handily so I wouldn’t bet against us.” Speaking of Waynesborough, due to some unforeseen circumstances, they were forced to forfeit court 4 and do some last-minute juggling with their line-up against a very accommodating Huntingdon Valley. Captain Tom was back in action and this time with his son Scotty as the Safford duo took all three very competitive sets from Peter and Alec. On court 1, WCC sent out Captain Kake and Vlatko who also took their 3 sets against Robbie and Sean. On Court 2, Doug and HOF’er Tim McAvoy completed the WCC sweep of 3 additional sets against Trip and Chris. After 6 weeks, H-Valley is sitting with just a single point that they earned from the rain out week 1 with one court to play against Wilmington who also only has a single point. WCC takes on Martins Dam next week and is currently a point behind Wallingford who can also earn another point when they complete their rained-out week 1 match that is left to play. When Captain Beers was asked about Captain Mike’s comments about running the table, “Mike and the whole Wally team is all talk….. They can have the regular season; our goal is on something bigger like repeating as the tournament Champions.” Don’t look now but Merion is in a three-way tie for third place after their very convincing victory over Martins Dam. Everyone’s favorite to say how is he rated that good Jeff Lyon keeps on winning and this week winning decisively as he teamed up with another favoring to say how is he rated that good Chris Bond as they pounded Pijawka and Macgregor only giving up 3 games in the first set and then giving the MD duo a double bagel in the last two sets on Court 1. Eger and Moyer took down Beirne and Donches also dropping the first set but then winning the next 2 sets on court 2. In the only win for the evening for The Dam, Packer and the also many say overrated Tom Hermans won their match over Mirabello and Frigerio. For those keeping track, three of the “Most Overrated players in MAPTA” all won their matches without dropping a set (NO Shit Sherlock). On Court 4 Chip and Ben sealed the three points for Merion as they took the three setter over Tim Brooke and Jamie Stein. Merion is now in a tie with 14 points with Picket Post and Philly Cricket for 3rd place while MD drops to 7th place with 10 points and then venture south down Sugartown Road to Waynesborough next week. With Martin “MAPTA’s best Swede” heading to his homeland the Concord Toothless Tiger tried their hardest to hold off P-Cricket but were only able to secure a single court for the evening. Johan and Mark Schmidt were all about pulling off the big upset of the week when they set out on the court but after dropping all of the games played in the first set, they battled back to make it competitive against Falatek and McDonald who remain undefeated on court 1. Gelrod and Talbot dropped the first set to Fairbrother and Granahan but then were able to take the next two sets 4 & 1. In one of the biggest upsets of the week according to Sherlock, Bill Dwyer and Matt Lehman took their 39.3 rating up against Harris and Hyde’s 34 rating and won all three sets only dropping 8 games. The victory improved Dwyer and Lehmann’s ratings by 1.1 ratings points each. PCK’s Adamson and Rexford only dropped 4 game on court 4 against Jayson McBride and Don Denig to complete the 3-point victory for PCK. We asked the President of MAPTA Scott Falatek about his personal chances of remaining undefeated on court 1 and his teams chances of grabbing a final 4 spot at the end of the 16 weeks; Scott replied “I really don’t see why those both cant be achieved this season. Vlatkos rating has been rising like the hot air that comes out of his mouth when he talks about his paddle game. I just hope that when I get a chance to play him that his rating is still good enough that I can improve my rating by beating him again.” Unless something happens, the two pair off against each other on December 20t and we will be broadcasting that match on FaceBook live for those that cannot be in attendance at Waynesborough. Philly Country had to dig out their brooms from their trunks as they also pulled off a sweep this week against their host Wilmington. Not only was it a 4-court sweep, it was a 12-set sweep which is a very rare occurrence in the D1 league. We have league historians tracking down the last time this feat occurred by an away team and will report back next week with their findings. In order to preserve the sanctity of the competition and space on the blog, we will leave out the names and the scores of the individual matches but I am sure you can look it up if you are so inclined. We heard that Wilmington imposed their 2-beer limit on visiting players this week as they were nervous about PCC’s reputation after a victory and the length of time they celebrate in someone else’s hut. With the victory, PCC moved into sole possession of 6th place and they have already played 4 of the other 5 Top 6 teams after this week with only Wallingford left on their schedule. Radley Run took 3 points off of Conestoga this week playing at home. You read that right, Radley took 3 points off Conestoga last night. After 3 weeks of 0 points for Radley, they saved up their energy and pulled off a David vs. Goliath type of performance when no one was expecting it. Trevor and Eric were in top form for Stoga as they only dropped 4 games on court 1 against Jaleel and Robert Main. Unfortunately for Stoga, that would be the only court that would go their way. Radley’s Lonnie and Doug took down Tommy McAvoy and Antonio and, in the process, also took all 3 sets. Hutter and Collins also too the first two sets off of Knight and Riley to win their court. On Court 4 in a back and forth contest, Goodridge and Avayou defeated Rinehart and Jacobson securing the 3 points for Radley. Upset of the Week We had a tie in that Concord’s Bill Dwyer and Matt Lehman as well as Radley’s Lonnie Cooper and Doug Raihall each improved their rating by approximately 1.2. Congrats gentlemen. If we missed another great upset, feel free to send to the editor and we will update the story next week. Sherlock Stats Sherlock got 79% of the D1 matches correct this week.
Team Points Weeks
Wallingford 1 20 7/11
Waynesborough 1 18 8/11
Merion 1 17 8/11
Philadelphia Cricket 1 14 7/11
Picket Post 1 14 8/11
Philadelphia Country 1 11 7/11
Martins Dam 1 10 8/11
Conestoga 1 9 7/11
Radley Run 1 7 8/11
Concord 1 6 7/11
Huntingdon Valley 1 3 8/11
Wilmington 1 1 7/11

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